The My Little Necklace Warranty

How do I get the My Little Necklace warranty?

Would you like a warranty with the purchase of your necklace? Nothing's easier! When you finalize your purchase, when choosing the delivery method, you will have the opportunity to take your necklace with a 3-year warranty.

What is the My Little Necklace warranty?

Our guarantee covers the following points *:
- Chain replacement
- Damage visible on your collar
- Protection in case of loss or theft of your package
* Please note that if the damage is the result of improper use of your necklace (for example, contact with salt water), we cannot guarantee that the guarantee will be effective.
If you encounter a problem with your necklace and you benefit from the MyLittleNecklace guarantee, we invite you to contact our customer service at email so that a solution can be offered to you within 24 at 48 hours.
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